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Constipation-is it common?

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This is the question a very despondent client asked me a few weeks ago and the simple answer is yes. Anyone who is not emptying their bowels at a minimum of every 36 hours has sluggish bowels. Ideally you empty every 18-24 hours. A simple transit test is to eat some corn kernels(without chewing them) and see how long they take to appear in your toilet bowl will give you an indication of the speed of your digestive system.

So why the secrecy?embarrassment?

Indeed it is not the most glamorous of subjects but we all have to do it. Go and talk to your nutritionist, therapist, dietitian, doctor or local healthfood store. There are always ways to help you through it and nothing to be afraid of in mentioning it. After all, what goes in must come out!

Be aware of the colour, consistency and shape of your stools.

If you notice blood in your stools go to your doctor for a check up. It is probably nothing serious but better safe than sorry.

A simple exercise to help you ‘get moving’ is to soak a dessertspoon of linseeds in water for 12 hours. It will turn into a gloopy jelly that you either knock back or mix with juice, water or your porridge.

linseeds for constipation.
Magnesium, found in plant chlorophyll is an friend of your colon wall to make them relax and promote peristalysis. Juice some greens and add the linseeds to it even better.

There are lots of other gut friendly aids so don’t despair and be reassured in the knowledge that behind the bathroom door others are thinking exactly the same as you.